Podcast Recommendation

The Happiness Lab, hosted by Yale Professor Dr. Laurie Santos. What a pleasure to listen to Dr. Santos share the various scientific findings on happiness and really explain them in everyday contexts. I not only learn about scientific theories behind happiness, but also the daily actions I can take toward achieving that. One of my favorite quotes from the podcast (slightly paraphrased): Happiness is not a static state, it is something we need to take daily and persistent practice to cultivate. Instead of saying how we can achieve happiness, why don't we ask what can I do, in small steps, to cultivate happiness in my life?

Work Life, hosted by Wharton Professor Dr. Adam Grant. Dr. Grant studies "how to make work not suck"! I'm a great fan of Dr. Grant's work.

After Hours, hosted by three Harvard Business School Professors, Youngme Moon, Felix Oberholzer-Gee, and Mihir Desai. I particularly enjoy this one because the 3 hosts usually offer very different perspectives on many different topics. In a ways, it is enlightening to see how disagreements can be expressed in an elegant, constructive and knowledgeable way.


Here are some recommended background videos/music for enhanced productivity!