More LEarning While Online


My Name is Dr. Elle Yuan Wang. I'm a learning scientist! I study how to make online learning sustainable and fun. I have a unique blend of background: AI + Learning Analytics + Psychology. I enjoy translating scientific research into execution plans and think laterally more often than vertically!

Most recently I've helped organizations such as XPRIZE and NSF SBIR to make funding decision.

I graduated from Columbia University and received my Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences and Learning Analytics.

What have I been working on lately?

I joined the National AI Institute for Adult Education and Online Learning (ALOE) as a Senior Personnel/Scientist.

I've been working with my co-editors to publish a book with Springer Nature on the topic of "Social Emotional Learning and Inclusive Learning Analytics".

I've also joined many discussions to talk about how to respond and address online learning challenges brought about by COVID-19. Here's a link to a video where I served as a Panelist at the Schmidt Futures Tools Competition Conference on the left.

I also write about my reflections on "resilient", mostly from books I read.

Download My C.V.: PDF